Terms and Condition

NOTE: All below Terms & Conditions can be changed without any prior notice & all authorities and rights are reserved by J.B And Brothers Group.

Terms & Conditions for purchase

1.Online buying will be on First Come First Serve basis.

2.Once you buy the stones you are committed and bound to complete the sale.

3.On receiving your request to buy the stones, we will check various aspects and accordingly we will proceed with the sale which would be subject to approval.

4.You will not be allowed to return or exchange the product.

5.In case if you cancel immediately-before export/delivery, you will have to pay 3% of total value of stones (except for goods under PSS; Premium Plus & PEP).

6.Goods will be invoiced only in the name in which goods are confirmed.

7.Shipment Incentive System:-

Client will be entitled for an incentive 12% P.A; calculated on daily basis for export of goods affected within 5 days of purchase of the goods.

Likewise, if the export of goods is affected after 5 days, a demurrage will be charged 12% P.A; calculated on daily basis. The current (default) Shipment cycle is 5 Days – however on Customer’s request the Shipment cycle may be extended to 10 / 15 Days – with Price of the goods calibrated with the Shipment Cycle. The applicable incentives/ demurrage would be calculated 12% P.A.; calculated on daily basis.

8.Payment Incentive System:-

If payment is received prior to the due date, an incentive 12 % P.A worked out on daily basis shall be given likewise interest will be charged 12% P.A. worked out on daily basis if the payment is received after the due date. Above adjustments (+)/(-) shall be reflected in the subsequent invoice by way of charge or credit. The manner of working of incentive and demurrage charges may change from time to time, without any prior notice.

(Note: For calculating Incentive/Interest; the number of days in between the Invoice Date And Payment Received Date would be considered.)

9.If the Location of Export is specified/requested by the Customer – other than provided in User Registration Details – then for each of such locations – a separate KYC would be required.

10.In case you suggest ANY changes to the Invoice/Bill after the Invoice/Bill is generated – then for Such changes – an Additional Service Charge of 0.5% of Total Invoice/Bill value would be applicable.

11.This Terms & Condition execution process is a One Time activity & applicable for ALL your Accounts.

12.We are bound on our per carat price of stone; not on Rap Off. We provide indicative Rap off only for service (we are not bound on any Rap changes or calculation error).

13.Customers are advised to look at the Payment Instructions listed on our Website Only and do not rely on any email communications as emails are prone to being hacked. J B And Brothers Group holds no responsibility incase of any emails being hacked.

14.If customer send any Buying Request or submit bid for Premium Plus Stones / PEP /PSS; he must check the respective basket for the status of his request and must not depend on any email regarding this from our side.

15.All data provided by you to us are as per your consent to use for business purposes as per data protection guidelines; and you warrant to the best of your knowledge and belief that all data is accurate.

Terms & Condition for Application - Premium Plus

1.Once you Bid, you cannot decrease or cancel your Bid; you can only increase the Bid.

2.You cannot Bid lesser than the reserved price of stone. You can only Bid equal to or greater than reserved price of the stone.

3.Stones once confirmed cannot be cancelled or exchanged.

4.Bids would be allocated to the winning bidder on the Average of the Highest & Second Highest /reserved Price.

5.In case of same stone bided by Multiple buyers at same price,then it will be allotted as per our Astute Allotment System.

Terms & Condition for Application - Proposal Sales System(PSS)

1.Offer once submitted – cannot be withdrawn or cancelled.

2.Offer once submitted – can only be increased.

3.In case of same stone bided by Multiple buyers at same price, then it will be allotted as per our Astute Allotment System.

4.If you bided on any stone or even you are single bidder or top bidder; it not guarantee that stones would be allocated to you.

5.Stones once confirmed cannot be cancelled or exchanged.

6.Offers allocation would be done at the discretion of the management.

7.Management reserves all rights to cancel / realign /redefine / modify / withdraw any schemes or even cancel the allocation.

Terms & Condition for Application - Put Your Expected Price (P.E.P)

1.Any New P.E.P. entry will remain active for a minimum period of 3(Three) Days from the date of your entry; and in case if you want to decrease the expiry date of the previous PEP; same lock-in period of 3(Three) Days would apply.

2.If there is any Update or Change (except increasing the price) in the previous P.E.P., the request will be activated only after three days from date of updating. After that the old P.E.P. will be deactivated.

3.Stones once confirmed cannot be cancelled or exchanged.

4.If any customer uses PEP service regularly then price for that customer may increase accordingly to dynamic pricing policy.

5.If you bided on any stone; it not guarantees that stones would be allocated to you.

Shipping & Handling Charges For Export in US$

Shipment by Malca-Amit,Brinks,BVC
Invoice Value (Purchase)
  1. Above $ 20,001
  2. Between $ 12,001 to $ 20,000
  3. Between $ 5,001 to $ 12,000
  4. Upto $ 5,000
Charges/ Invoice
  1. NIL
  2. $50
  3. $100
  4. $125
Shipment by Rest of all other shipping companies*
Invoice Value (Purchase)
  1. Above $ 50,001
  2. Between $ 30,001 to $ 50,000
  3. Between $ 20,001 to $ 30,000
  4. Between $ 12,001 to $ 20,000
  5. Between $ 5,001 to $ 12,000
  6. Upto $ 5,000
Charges/ Invoice
  1. NIL(not applicable for FEDEX)
  2. $50
  3. $75
  4. $100
  5. $125
  6. $150

* Please note that shipment of maximum value USD 50,000 is allowed via FEDEX. FEDEX number is compulsory to provide.
* In case of a short payment of more than $25,then the short payment amount would be added in the next invoice.
* Other Expense Or Incidental Tax From Consignee Country Should Be Borne By Consignee.

Processing Charge for local bill in US$

Bill Value (Purchase)
  1. Above $ 10,000
  2. Upto $ 10,000
Charges/ Bill
  1. NIL
  2. $25
* In Case of a short payment of more than $25 , then the short payment amount would be added in the next Bill.
* Shipping & Handling Charges are not included which would be borne by the customer.