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J.B. Grading System
Our diamonds pass through rigorous quality control and are assessed finely by qualified craftsmen. Each flawless diamond complies with stringent specifications of color, clarity and shape.
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About J. B. Grading System (JGS)
We educate our customers about our minute grading system on various factors. Due to this we can take full advantage to promote & increase our business through E-Commerce. We manufacture 0.18 cts to 20 cts and above in all Size and colors in Round, Princess, Marquise, Pear, Oval, Square Emerald, Emerald, Square Radiant, Radiant, Heart, Cushion etc. Grading is carried out according to rigorous criteria mapping with Labs of International repute & various other minute factors developed by our well Equipped Research Laboratory Team.
In our laboratory we have taken care of each C's in depth so that you can visualize the stone in front of your eyes. Our grading is based on GIA system so there is higher chance of upward color certification in other Lab. To narrow down the price band we give (+) color & (+/-) clarity grading.
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