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We have an extensive range of diamonds on offer, sourced locally and abroad. Each product is made of diamonds duly certified by eminent grading authorities, including our very own grading system.

J.B And Brothers
J.B And Brothers

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At J. B. And Brothers, we specializes in 0.30 cts to 10.00 cts polished diamonds from IF to I2 clarity, D-N and all fancy colours and shapes like Round (Brilliant), Marquise, Princess, Pears, Oval, Emerald, Square Emerald, Radiant, Square Radiant, Heart, Triangle and Trilliant.

We also have special makes like Princess, Square Radiant, Radiant, Square Brilliant & Rectangle Brilliant which display excellent fire.

Our valued customers can get our exclusive cut stones duly certified by the eminent grading authorities.

J.B And Brothers


GIA has calculated the cut result for 38.5 million proportion sets based on the assessments of seven components. The first three - Brightness, Fire and Scintillation are appearance based aspects. The remaining four - Weight Ratio, Durability, Symmetry are related to a diamond's design and craftsmanship.

In GIA diamond cut grading system, each component was assessed individually, taking into account the relative importance of that component in the overall cut quality of a round diamond and the ability of an average, experienced observer to consistently see the differences in cut quality based on these components.

J. B. And Brothers is dedicated to achieve the cutting-edge "GIA cut grading system" for its diamonds and ensure the best cut quality.

J.B And Brothers


The AGS "Ideal Cut" Grading system is based on the 3-D model that evaluates every facet of the diamond through the triple parameters of Light Performance, Proportion Factors and Finish. Light Performance includes Brightness, Dispersion (Fire), Leakage and Contrast. Proportion Factors include Girdle Thickness, Culet Size, Weight Ratio, Durability and Tilt. Finish includes Polish and Symmetry.

J. B. And Brothers endeavours to achieve this "Ideal Cut" for its diamonds as per the AGS Grading system.

J.B And Brothers


HRD Antwerp is the subsidiary of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), a private foundation which represents the Antwerp diamond industry worldwide. Located in the heart of the diamond centre, HRD Antwerp has been serving the international diamond industry for more than 30 years. It operates six services: Diamond Lab (the first ISO-certified diamond grading lab, which issues one of the world's most respected diamond certificates), Precious Stones Lab, Education, Graduates Club, Equipment and Research.

HRD Antwerp stands for quality, tradition and the highest industry standards. J. B. And Brothers endeavours to achieve the same for its diamonds as per the HRD Grading system.

J.B And Brothers


Colour, Shape, Clarity and Carat Weight determine the rarity and value of a diamond, while the Cut determines its beauty. Without any cutting, bruting, faceting or polishing, a rough diamond might go unnoticed in a pile of rocks. It is the diamond's unique symphony of durability, rarity, potential beauty brought out by the "Cut" that makes it so precious and invaluable. "An Ideal Cut" diamond is a grade which is above excellent. Such diamonds have a perfect balance of Brilliance, Dispersion and Scintillation.

It is a constant endeavour at J. B. And Brothers to master this "Ideal Cut", bringing beautiful and perfectly balanced diamonds to our customers.

J.B And Brothers

Hearts & Arrows

A "Hearts & Arrows" cut diamond is the finest cut diamond. Extremely rare, its sentimental charm and mystery are unparalleled. When the bezel, star, upper girdle, lower girdle and pavilion main facets of a diamond are aligned precisely 180 degrees opposite of each other, the perfect "H&A" pattern emerges.

The clinical precision facet alignment to produce the "ideal cut" involves extensive labour and sacrifice of precious diamond material, as even the slightest asymmetric cut results in uneven or incomplete display of the pattern. The "Hearts & Arrows" optical effect is the unique diamond with a perfect balance of Brilliance, Dispersion and Scintillation and is priced at a premium.

J. B. And Brothers has constantly endeavoured to master the perfect "H&A" diamond and continues to do so.