Dream Diamond History

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What is Dream Origin?

Dream Diamond, where you can get all the details of your unique diamond.

A story of your Diamond which is a unique collection made for your special occasion.

Each step in the diamond-finishing and jewelry-making process is documented, so you will know that there is no other diamond like yours in the world.

Your Diamond story begins with the earth’s natural formation of a rough diamond which then planned in order to help the cutter to ensure that the final diamond they produce is symmetrical and of the highest quality cut possible.

It continues through a jewelry-making process that combines skilled artistry with modern technology. The Story that helps you learn about each step in this process start from the mine to the celebration!

Dream Diamond History card is enabled with extreme data security; once diamond get delivered to jewellers or retailers they can secure the information with OTP system. J.B. And Brothers cannot access the details filled by jewellers or retailer; also cannot access details of their customers which is end user/consumers and consumers cannot ever know that diamond is manufactured by JB And Brothers. Hence our customer can enjoy this service with great confidence.

Dream Origin

J.B And Brothers

Just put your Dream Card under NFC enabled mobile then you can see history of your beautiful diamonds!!!

It comes with Unique DDH ID

Dream Origin: It would show rough origin of diamond; BOTSWANA

Eg. Your diamond was found in Botswana where diamonds are carefully mined to promote environmental sustainability and protect the ecosystem of the Kalahari Desert. Diamond mines in Botswana are committed to conserving water in the dry Kalahari climate and to reducing their effect on wildlife. Additionally, they are dedicated to minimizing their environmental footprint, monitoring their impact, and rehabilitating sites after use.

Dream Rock

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It would show information about the rock eg. Original weight etc. from which final polished diamonds comes from.


J.B And Brothers

This section of history show how the diamonds was drafted using intelligent software and machines such as a Sarin, to map out accurate measurements, the stone cutter will then input the data into computer software that can help generate 3D models of the cutter’s options.

This will help them to determine the best shape to create the final product and ensure the proportions of the facets are correct. All of this planning helps the cutter to ensure that the final diamond they produce is symmetrical and of the highest quality cut possible.


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The goal of the diamond cutting process is to take a rough diamond stone and change its shape into that of a beautiful gem ready to be set in jewelry. This section show the in-depth details of final polished diamonds with Hi-Definition photos & video, H&A pictures, etc


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This section of Diamond Proof contains the certificate of diamond certified by eminent laboratories of the world. A loose diamond certified by these labs is a guarantee or assurance of the highest standards and accuracy in diamond grading. Some of the prominent labs are GIA, IGI and HRD.


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This section show the diamond studded in jewelry. Here Jewellers can add details that how diamond got studded with complete specifications.

A piece of diamond jewelry is not only a fashion statement but it also holds the immense power to alter your mood and give a new facet to your personality. Each individually crafted piece goes through several quality checks before reaching you. We have made a powerful and dominant place for ourselves by creating designs for people of diverse cultures and tastes thereby improving every day the versatility of our catalog.


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In this section one can add their romantic story eg. Their first meeting and how their lovely relationship got develop till their engagement, etc This way someone can express their love, feelings and affections towards their love ones.

A Jewelry is an important facet, adding the much-needed panache to your attire. The diamond that you select will add to your aura, glow and overall look. Your jewelry collection should have some pieces that you can wear even after the big day. Pick some pieces that can last you a lifetime which is a finest diamond, and can go with a heritage gold bangles, beautiful nose pin, pendant which will never look dated.