J.B. Grading System

Our diamonds pass through rigorous quality control and are assessed finely by qualified craftsmen. Each flawless diamond complies with stringent specifications of color, clarity and shape.

  • Basic Shapes**

Basic Shapes **

Types of Diamond Description Image
Round – (RD) This is by far the most popular of the shapes available today. Using precise mathematics and theories on the interplay of light, the process of producing a Round Diamond has been fine tuned for over a century to bring forth this shape's magnificent fire and brilliance.
Princess – (PR) Just like the aura that surrounds its name, a Princess Diamond is a thing of beauty. Cut in a traditional square with pointed corners, a Princess Diamond exudes elegant brilliance and is often used to adorn an engagement ring.
Emerald – (EM) The Emerald Diamond draws inspiration from the traditional pavilion cut of emerald gemstones. In the Emerald Diamond, the pavilion is cut with rectangular facets to produce a unique optical appearance, offering a larger, open table that highlights the clarity of the diamond.
Asscher (Square Emerald) –(SQEM) Similar to the emerald-cut is the Asscher. Only it is square in shape. While keeping to the overall emerald-cut, the pavilion is faceted to produce a unique refractive appearance.
Marquise – (MQ) The Marquise brings to mind the sophistication and elegance of the French. Born of nobility, this shape is perfect for long slender fingers and gives the illusion of largeness in comparison to other diamonds. A Marquise Diamond often looks stunning when it is set with Round or Pear-shaped side stones.
Oval – (OV) Oval Diamonds are highly regarded for their inner brilliance and eye-catching shape. Especially when languidly flashed from slender fingers.
Square Radiant – (SQRT) While all Radiant Diamonds do not have precisely the same shape, the Square Radiant Diamond is distinctly square in its silhouette. One of the most preferred types in jewelry, it’s even shape and signature trimmed corners work well when set with side-highlight diamonds such as Baguettes or Round Diamonds.
Radiant - (RT) At first glance you may be surprised. Here is a diamond shape that somehow had its corners trimmed off! But this is precisely the signature of a Radiant. A popular and versatile choice for jewelry, the radiant-cut looks equally beautiful set with either baguette or round side-diamonds. Radiant-cut diamonds can vary in their degree of being rectangular.
Pear – (PS) As sparkling as a falling tear. As softly rounded as a Pear fruit. This is the sweet and elegant Pear Diamond shape. This shape is often chosen for its romantic appeal as well as its flaring design. An elongated Pear Diamond shape creates a subtle slimming effect on fingers.
Heart – (HRT) The symbol of love. This is a choice for the romantic. A Heart Shape speaks of love like no other. A distinct and purpose-derived shape, the Heart Shape is often the lover's preferred diamond gifting choice.
Cushion Brilliant(CUBR)
Cushion (CU)
Cushion Modified Brilliant (CUMBR)
Also known as a 'Pillow-cut', Cushion Shape diamonds have rounded corners and larger facets that increase their brilliance. Cushion Shape diamonds are available in a variety of shapes including square and rectangular.
Triangle (TA)
Trilliant (TR)
A shape that fits all occasion and reason. This shape is often chosen for its romantic appeal as well as its flaring design. A popular and versatile choice for jewelry. TA contains 22 facets while TR contains 43 facets.
Fancy Shape (FS) This is something special, fancy shapes are shape that are carved and made keeping an inspiration in mind. This displays the creativity of the craftsman.