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    Sales System

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Sales System

J.B. And Brothers follow a single packet system for IF to I-1 graded stones. In this system buyer can purchase only required stone & keep his/her inventory in control.

Our Website facilitates all the necessary procedures of how to purchase after registration.

  • All the information regarding size, colour, clarity, cut, symmetry, polish, fluorescence, diameter, depth, crown angle, table%, girdle thickness, black inclusions (BI), table inclusion (TI) & for fancy shape stones length - width ratio's is available. In clarity grading we have narrowed band of each clarity e.g SI1+, SI1, SI1-, etc... Same way in color also G+, G etc… This also helps client to procure the right diamonds at right price with proper justification of grading

  • We also keep parcels (boxes) in I-1 & below grades.

  • We work on appointment basis. So by fixing appointment in advance we would cater specific quality goods as per your requirements such as size wise, shape wise, colour wise, cut wise & also specifying other minute details. This makes it easier for selection of goods.

  • You can also remain in touch with us through Web, Emails, Fax, and Telephone anywhere at any moment.

  • Due to today's well advanced telecommunication systems & also being associated with us we can deliver specified goods 'Just In Time'. This saves a lot to you in varied terms.

  • Due to our unique programmed system we can provide your required goods by going through your history of buying pattern.

  • Our individual cabins provide comfortable space to each customer for the display of their required goods.

  • Finally our target is to provide the right & required stone to our customers.

Guest Login – Special Service for Trade Shows
    In order to facilitate our Trade Shows visitors & new clients – we are providing this facility for 3 weeks (1 week prior to the Trade Show & 2 weeks post Trade Show).
  • You are encouraged to conduct business on regular basis through our Web Marketing Team – who would support your requirements through email (would mail you the product list).
  • Once – the customers are added to Privilege Customer List (after few successful business transactions with us); then these regular customers are also facilitated with User Account Login / other value added services / business benefits.
  • This facility gives new Visitors an opportunity to understand our business processes & at any time you can consult our Web Marketing Team through following contact details:

  • If You Already Submitted Agreed terms And Condition Don't Consider below Process.

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